About Choice Out Loud

The Millennial generation (born between 1980 and 1991) is 77 million strong. By 2020, they will make up 40 percent of the electorate.

This generation will determine the future of choice for generations to come.

Choice Out Loud is a platform created by NARAL Pro-Choice America to amplify the stories that young people are telling and add new voices to the conversation. Research has shown that many from the Millennial generation view abortion in personal - not political - terms. They understand that this is a complex issue and that every woman's situation is different.

Twenty-one percent of pro-choice Millennials are already passionately active on this issue. The pro-choice movement wouldn't be where it is today without these influential young leaders. What's more, the majority of this generation already says they share pro-choice values - 61 percent!

However, while Millennials who oppose abortion rights may be a minority, they are much more likely to consider the issue when deciding how to vote. For every one pro-choice Millennial who thinks about choice at the polls, there are two anti-choice Millennials voting the opposite way. And the anti-choice movement has spent decades and millions of dollars to build passionate support among their next generation of supporters.

The cornerstone of Choice Out Loud is storytelling.

This generation shares stories in many different ways: on social media, in videos, in pictures, and in person. Because choice is a personal issue, not everyone is comfortable sharing their story. But hearing people speak out can help encourage others to do the same. Choice Out Loud is a Millennial-led effort to highlight these stories and help amplify the conversation that this generation is having about choice.