Short Story Contest

Every decision has a story.  And as young people, we’re faced with plenty of tough decisions.

We asked 18-30 year olds to write a story that reflects the diverse reality of life in America, the circumstances that lead to an unintended pregnancy, and the different choices people make when faced with this situation. We asked them to write from the heart.

We received  truly amazing entries from young people across the nation. They are complicated, emotional, and powerful. Each story is an example of why NARAL Pro-Choice America will always fight for every person's ability to make these intensely personal decisions without interference from politicians.

Grand Prize: Morgan M.

Sometimes I feel like my soul is made of numbers. I am nineteen the first time he tells me he loves me. He tells me eleven times, kissing the narrow spaces between each of my twelve ribs. It takes me two orgasms and one argument to gather the will to say it back. Read the story >>

First Place: Madeline G.

It was past midnight, but Mom and I were out. We often went on drives like these after a long day of family dysfunction. I would ask her to talk somewhere alone (a stress on the alone). Where else was there to go but the car? Read the story >>

People's Choice: Kai N.

"How?" Frank asked. The cafe buzzed around us: the hiss of milk being frothed at the counter, the laughter of a group of sorority sisters by the window, the chipper voice of the barista on duty, taking orders and gesturing toward the handwritten menu behind her. Amongst all the clamor, our group had fallen silent. Read the story >>